Radio Contest

The local radio stations near us have been giving away $1,000 every hour of almost every day recently.  

With as many times as my sister, husband, and I have texted the radio stations this month…. It is an absolute CRIME that we have not won $1,000 dollars every hour of every single day. 
We all frantically text each other the code words throughout each day, hoping one of us – ANY OF US – will win SOMETHING. The odds are quite obviously against us, and we keep coming up short. The excitement lies within the possibility. After all, why does anyone play lottery? Just for the chance to win a boat load of moolah. It’s fun to dream about what we would do with such a fortune, the good it could produce for others, the security it would bring to family.  
This freaking contest, though. I think it is equal parts ANNOYING and beautiful. Annoying, because we are smart enough to know that we will probably not win, and yet here we are spending hours each week texting in vain. Beautiful, because we support each other and want to see each other win at life. There are too many things that drag us down every day, and not enough exciting things we get to share with one another. I love that our family wants good for each other, that we want to see the others prosper and have little bursts of excitement in our lives.  
And now, we cannot stop until this damn radio contest is over.  
HURRY! Text ‘FML’ to my sister for your chance to win this hour! 



Kellie & I, Radio Warriors

P.S. – We used to invite my mom to participate in these contexts.
It went like this:
ME: Mom, text ‘Win’ to 200200.
MOM: (responding to me): Win. 
ME: No, Mom, text the WORD ‘Win’ to the number 200200. 
MOM: (again, to me) Win to 200200.
ME: Mom. Stop texting me. Text 200200, and just write the word ‘Win’ in your text.   LITERALLY the next day, same thing on repeat.
MOM: You guys make too big a deal, I figured it out. 



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