Words with Cheaters

Do you know someone who cheats at Words With Friends? If so, there is help. Call 1-800-YOUSUCK.

Your sister (cough-Brett-ahem) will answer and she will threaten to kick your ass the next time you score a 126 point word on her. AS IF you even know what ‘azole’ means. It means you are an azole for always cheating. Even Words is like, yeah dude, no clue what that word means. But give him the points, it is a valid word because he DEFINITELY used up a lot of energy to cheat with this word.

Gigots’? Oh, I am sure you regularly consume gigots (see below for definition). You are full of gigots. You are the gigots master. ‘Aerogel’? ‘Jurist? Oh, yes! Why, just the other day we were chatting about back in the day when we would share gigots while applying our aerogel. Pshh, you are such a jurist, dear brother! Oh, how I love thee.

Even my son knows Uncle Brett is a cheater, cheater. Everytime he sees me playing Words With Friends on my phone, he asks, “Are you playing Uncle Brett? Is he cheating again?” Why yes, son. Yes, he most certainly is. No need to ask for updates, this is a factual consistency.

I admit, it is funny. I look at it as a bigger challenge. He is smart and good at the game anyways, so my thought process goes: If I can beat him when he cheats then I am SUPER good that game.


Me When I Win- HA!

I regularly play intelligent people who keep a relatively consistent point streak going and have continually improved, as I have. I just don’t see the fun in cheating. It is not your achievement then! You basically just spent time looking up words in a dictionary, not racking your brain to get the most points using your own knowledge and skill. So I will continue to taunt my not-so-little brother until the end of time.

I will also keep playing him, I think it is making me better. But do me a favor. If you see him this week, please tell him he is an azole. He’ll know who the message is from. Mkkkayyy thanks.


Who, me?! I don’t cheat at Words! Hogwash!  – Brett (aka Azole) Hall

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