Gotta Save Money Somehow!

As my big guy has grown up, we have grown to love a good kid movie on a rainy day. Ferdinand, Angry Birds, Trolls… you name it, we have seen it. We are getting pumped up for a great 2018 movie summer… Incredibles 2 is here in just a couple of weeks. Nothing like the anticipation of quality, family time entertainment with that buttery, delicious popcorn and a soda. We love the movies in our family.

I will never forget the first movie I took Ryan to see. It was… okay, well… I guess I did forget the first movie. But I do remember the events leading up to the first one, and I wanted to share as it cracks me up whenever I think of it. 

We have developed a movie time routine that is well practiced and fluid now, but this was the first movie ever. Wanting to pass along the time honored tradition of not paying ridiculous retail prices for a cheap box of movie candy, Ryan and I stopped at the Walgreens and grabbed our dollar boxes to go. I shoved them in my large purse along with Ryan’s water bottle. We pulled up to the theatre parking lot.

“Ok bud, so our candy is in my bag but we will open it when the movie starts, ok?”

gummy bears in a white surface

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“Ok… but Mom, why can’t I just hold it? I won’t lose it. I promise!”

I laughed, “Well you’re not really supposed to bring in your own candy, bud. It is sort of… frowned upon.”

“Are you going to get in trouble Mom? Don’t get in trouble!” Always the worrier.

“Nope, we are good. We are just not going to open them til we get into the movie okay? We will still buy the yummy popcorn but candy will come later. Got it?”

“Got it!” We excitedly approached the theater, grabbed our snacks, and headed up to the teenage male ticket holder with our tickets in hand. I let Ryan hand them over, thinking he was so cute. The employee played along with Ryan’s excitement, ripping off the bottom half of the tickets and handing him back the stubs with directions to the correct theatre.

I took a sip of my drink as Ryan said, “Thanks!” I started to turn towards the theatre, and that is when I heard my son’s familiar voice unexpectedly once more. “Guess what?!” I paused.

“What?” smiled the polite male teen.


I spit Sprite out of my nose and felt a hot shame flush spread across my face. “Ryan!” I sputtered sharply. “Uh, he doesn’t need to… um, no I only have one…”

This sweet, compassionate kid didn’t miss a beat. He laughed, bent down to Ryan’s eye level, and said, “Ha, your Mom’s smart! You gotta save money somehow, right?” He winked at me, standing up again, “Enjoy the show guys!” While I can’t remember which movie we saw (awesome job, Mom), I can clearly remember the face of this sweet kid. Such kind words with such a small gesture made my day. I cracked up afterwards and still today when it crosses my mind, but at the time it was quite embarrassing. This young kid not only helped to alleviate my embarrassment, but also praised me to my son in the moment. Sigh, the kids are alright, you guys.

Since that time, my kid has grown to know the routine. We still get our candy at the store prior to the movies, with no shame in our game. Hey, I pay like 15 bucks for a popcorn and a drink… I refuse to feel crappy for taking my 2 dollar boxes of candy in via purse transport. You gotta save money somehow! Ain’t that the truth, kid.

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