Random Musings

Today I thought I would share a few random thoughts that I have been jotting down in between summer soccer games, mosquito bites, and splash parks. Let me know if you can relate or have something to add to this list.

P.S. – I realize that I am a crazy person. 

Give me the darn meds already: I think if adult nurses (adults in general, for that matter) feel sick enough that they need to go to the doctor, antibiotics should be given proactively. I don’t particularly care that what I have MAY be viral. I have been sick for over a week and I do not drag myself in to the doctor unless I AM DYING, sir. Send me on my way with a bottle in case it is bacterial. Save me from carving out time I do not have in the next few days to return when this illness either turns out to be, or turns into, a bacterial infection. I promise you I will not unnecessarily ask for a med that will definitely give me a yeast infection and upset my tummy, but I need to function and would like to start feeling better tomorrow vs. a week from now. I get it with the little ones… mostly viruses and we don’t want to contribute to antibiotic resistance. Sure. However, I assure you this is not the case with me. See you in a week. Glad I could give you two expensive clinic visits to bill the insurance for. Have a great day.

short red hair woman blowing her nose

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Parental Truth: All of the amazing parents I know feel like they are failing their children somehow. They are not, based on that exact inherent fear alone.

How Rude: My biggest pet peeve is when you hold the door open for someone and they prance right through without so much as a glance at you. No thank you, no nod, no nothing. What?! I was not hired to hold this restaurant door open for you, ma’am. I hate making people feel awkward or not included, but I have gotten to the point where now I say matter-of-factly “You’re welcome” out loud. It is not malicious, but I feel the urge to put them in their place quickly and immediately. I have said this like a handful of times, and noone has ever answered, just kept moving past me.  I would probably feel really bad about myself if they were like, “Oh my gosh I am so sorry! I just forgot!” That just has not been my experience so far. These people are right up there on the annoyance level with people who don’t push their carts into the parking lot corral.

cart push cart shadow shopping cart

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Motivational Quotes:I love a good motivational quote or meme. However, these quotes are most effective when you are actually in a good place. When you are going through some real shit, or having a ridiculously difficult day, the last thing you want to hear is some positivity infused word vomit. Barf. Take your sunshine and shove it. Sometimes you are not ok. And that is ok. Betcha you will appreciate the beauty of growth and how hard times build character waaayyyy more when you come out of the chaos and upon later reflection. When you are in the eye of the storm, though, pukey positive is the worst.

blur bottle bright candle

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My Opinion: In my opinion, the majority of people yearn to feel understood, not just loved. In my opinion, the most important thing to share with others no matter what, is kindness. In my opinion, the best solutions for pretty much every single crappy situation are humor and sleep.

Growing Old: It is a privilege to grow old, and yet growing old SUCKS. My grandparents are all struggling in one way or another right now, from Alzheimer’s (ESPECIALLY sucky) to other various health issues. Along with being a nurse, witnessing the aging process first hand has shown me that growing old is not easy or for the meek. It seems the best we can do is to keep moving and stay as active as we can, and even that does not guarantee an easy process for anyone. When we stop moving, playing, and learning, we grow older at an even quicker rate. Physically, emotionally, mentally… I watch my grandparents struggle and my parents begin to age. I see little ones, teens, or young parents pass far too soon. The finiteness of human life is so heartbreaking and just overwhelming.

adult affection baby child

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Becca: I can’t really tell you why exactly, but I LOVE The Bachelorette. Dang, y’all. Judge away. Don’t call me on Monday nights. Or ever. I prefer texts.

Cats: I am fairly certain that if my cat was 100 lbs he would murder me in my sleep. They are cold-blooded killers who don’t take crap from anyone, wrapped in little furry bundles of cuteness. Lucky for them. Lucky for us.

animal animal photography blur cat

Photo by slon_dot_pics on Pexels.com

Vacations: Vacations are great and usually fun, but require a ton of stressful planning and unexpected crises. When you have to travel two days each way to visit family and then jam pack the days with fun things for the kids, it is freaking exhausting. Just watching my sister and her family travel this week was enough to make me swear off vacations in the foreseeable near future. If I was her sister boss, I would grant her an extra week of vacay to recover from the previous vacay. No questions asked. Brother-in-law, same. Niece, such a seven-year old trooper. She gets a pony.

man with luggage on road during sunset

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Best Quality: My best quality is the ability to meet people where they are at, and ensure that everyone feels included. I can talk to anyone and make them feel comfortable. I am proud of that. It is much more important to be kind than anything else, period.

Rage: This week we were blindsided with the fact that we missed ALL of the introductory practices in the T-ball league we signed our son up for this summer. This was his first year playing and he could have really used the experience. However, since some idiot could not decipher my VERY CLEARLY written Ymail address and input Gmail instead, we missed all of the important info for the season. I realize it was a mistake, and thankfully the coach finally called us just before the first game to say, “Hey! Why you dudes no-show to everything, you hot messes?!” However, I was still filled with a blinding rage and could not get off the inappropriate fixation for the next several days. Had to track down five people to get a picture order form that we missed out on, and am still waiting on an email to tell us how to sign up for the mandatory volunteer hours at the concession stand. Yep, you heard me right. Mandatory volunteering, lest you want to pay a nice 80 dollar fee at the end of the summer. Good times. Thus, the rage problem I am currently attempting to control by reminding myself to be kind to everyone.


Have a good weekend people. Hope you are enjoying the summer 🙂

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