Mom’s Door

A door, kissed long and hard by the sun,

Splintered wood, peeling red paint,

Brass knob, hot fingerprints, weeded cement bellowing out below.

Pounded by storms and slammed by ghosts,

A lifetime of entrances, exits, and foot steps,

Oblivious to the world changing constantly just beyond its horizon.

This is still my home, my messy soul.

Chances are you will never meet,

The dusty crevices housing a million memories,

Lucky to stand for so long, sturdy and sure.

Bold speck of reassurance,

Splatter of color in a grey world,

Rooted deep, part of one girl’s beginning.

Replaced today with chalky beige; the new owners favor boredom?

A photograph, to remind of a gloriously palpable youth,

Not quite the same, but she will do well in her new glass case.

Hanging above me to whisper,

You are always with me, and I am with you, kid.

Bittersweet comfort. I go on, as she would insist.



Forever grief.

3 thoughts on “Mom’s Door

  1. Elliesofia Thompson says:

    This is such a beautiful piece. It is full of emotion and deep feeling. I don’t know whether you ever get over losing your mum – grief is always there – I think you just learn to live with the feelings gradually, although they are always painful. I’m so sorry you’ve lost your mum.

    I can’t really identify with this heartfelt poem as I lost my mum last year, and I miss her terribly but have some comfort in knowing that she is always with me. I remember her house, my childhood home and I have one photo of the front of the house, but I know that because the house was sold it would have been altered drastically by the new owners. That makes me sad, but I, like you, treasure the memories I had there of good times and extremely difficult times too. As you say, bittersweet comfort … Ellie x

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    • coherentwithcoffee says:

      Thank you for reading and for your kind thoughts Ellie. I am so happy to hear that you could connect to the piece. I do feel the need to convey that my mom is doing well, but a friend’s mom has recently passed and this somehow emerged as a hybrid mix of my own mother memories and my feelings surrounding this friend’s great loss. I am sorry to hear about losing your mom, too. It is a crazy thing in life to lose a parent. I can’t see ever getting over it, just learning to live with the new reality and remembering they are always a part of you I guess. Hugs to you from afar!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Elliesofia Thompson says:

        Hi. I’ve just realised that my first sentence reads, “I can’t really identify …” when it should read, “I can really identify …”. I’m sorry about that!

        I’m sorry too that I misunderstood, but I am so glad that you still have your mum, but of course feel very much for your friend, I feel I want to pass on my condolences even though I don’t know her at all.

        I really appreciate your hugs from afar – what a lovely thing to say :). I am sending hugs too in return. Keep writing – I love your blog! … Ellie x


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