A Partial Staycation

Growing up as a kid we were lucky enough to take vacations almost yearly, heading to Disney World, California, and even a cruise. In our reality today, that is just not an option. Luckily, my parents have a place in the Dells that is a (relatively) easy 2.5 hour drive and better yet, FREE. The best kind of vacation in my opinion.

We have been on our family vacation this week, and are heading to the Dells again tomorrow for a two day rumble in the north woods. We usually get only one solid week per year where both Dave and I can match up our schedules to be off work at the same time. A yearly expensive vacation is not in our cards for now, and honestly I cannot imagine the stress of that with a three year old.  Complete with boating, wave runners, beaches, bonfires, and ice cream, the kids will be guaranteed to have a blast on our two day getaway. In the other days of our vacation this week, we have scrubbed every square inch of our small, grubby townhouse before school starts.

Partial staycations are the best kind of vacations. Some of the time you get to go somewhere interesting and do something fun, the other part of your time you catch up on getting your life in order, the stuff you put off when the daily grind is unrelenting. Usually I can’t get baseboards clean, walls scrubbed, or junk drawers organized. Heck, I can barely get my laundry rotated and kids cleaned each day! But today, this dirty house has met its match! I have the piece of mind knowing that for one small moment in time, EVERYTHING has been cleaned. Oh sure, it will be filthy again next week. But for today…. WOW do I feel a sense of relief. I waltzed into my bedroom this evening thinking, “Behold! The glory that is this room. Cleanliness be thy name!” It is ridiculous how much a little organization in the home will help calm my anxiety as the new school year starts. I don’t know how people just exist in chaos without any respite, cool with just a casual messiness and no urge to control or contain their little corner of the world.

If we had to go out of town for the whole period of time off work, I would be a stressful wreck. Thank goodness for this break from daily life. Of course, this week has not been without its own special kinds of stress. My luck is always filled with putting out small fires here and there. For example, my Papa has Alzheimers and fell last week, breaking his neck unexpectedly. This week has been saturated with unexpected nursing home visits, progress meetings, and helping to prepare his transfer to a subsequent skilled nursing facility. On top of that, we had Pre-K orientation, a psychiatrist appointment, play dates, and other meetings peppered into our weekly omelette. I’m not complaining or looking for sympathy, just painting a thorough picture. Life is always so busy right now, and it was good to be off work to be able to deal with some of it before we go back to the glamper and throw back a few with the folks.

I hope that you get some sort of break during the year, whenever that is for you. Consider a staycation, and you can also get a taste of productivity combined with relaxation. We always try to do August as it is a natural pause before the school year begins and life gets more busy. I hope that you use some of the time to get your life in order, and the other part of your time to make memories and focus on your joy…. family, friends, your kids, or your hobbies. Back to our little partial staycation now, just checking in and will be back soon with more stories to share! Hope you are all enjoying your last weeks of summer. Fall will be here before you know it!


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