Back to Work

I love my job. And yet, the night before going back to work after vacation is always the absolute worst. How lovely to shut down for a week and close up the mental shop in exchange for some R&R. 

For over one full week, we got to pretend that we were independently wealthy (sort of, we actually spent minimally) and not have to work. It. Was. Glorious. I realize that not everyone has benefits at their jobs, especially of having paid time off, and that we are privileged to even have the time. Man, did we need it!

woman wearing black cap holding bottle on white speedboat during daytime

I actually drove a boat this week! Did not look like this gal in the picture, I assure you… Ha!

We got our house (relatively) cleaned, went to the Dells twice with my parents, planned for my Papa’s transfer to a longer term rehab facility, made it to a birthday party, and saw some friends. It was a beautiful pause to just focus on ourselves without the daily grind of working to pay for all of our activities and needs.

America is great as it is, but occasional breaks and time off of work should be required mental health care for all. This includes having more time for maternity/paternity leave, bereavement, etc. Taking opportunities to refuel and recharge are so imperative to my mental health, and as a parent of little crazy dudes, that is often in short supply most of the year. School is about to start, as is fall soccer. I am starting a new position within my company and that is stressful, although exciting. Life is constant, bumbling, demanding change. A more flexible work/life balance seems to be something that we all covet as we get older and realize the value of time and experience vs. disposable things.

Of course, those bills aren’t going to pay themselves, are they? No, of course not. But I urge you to keep your eyes open if you are currently unsatisfied with your work/life balance. There are different opportunities out there that you may not have even imagined existed. Had I stayed in my previous nursing position, I would be making more money by now for sure. But the trade off for more time with my family and a more flexible schedule FAR outweighed the monetary benefits of staying where I was at, scared to make a start somewhere new. I am so very glad I made the jump. Feel The Fear. Your time is not guaranteed. Your time is yours to spend, and will pass whether or not you are happy or not. Your time is your biggest resource and greatest gift. Spend it wisely.

Finally, even if you are not where you want to be right now: You can still choose your attitude. And you can choose to make little changes to get to where you want to be.

adult chill computer connection

You can always choose your attitude.

As I prep our household to take on the busy fall season, I am grateful to return to a job I love that allows me the work/life balance that I crave. I also admittedly need to pout a little bit, because the night before going back to work after vacation is the absolute worst. Am I right?! 

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