Reach Out & Share the Bug Spray

I never thought I would be the kind of person to celebrate the mass destruction of other living things. However, this fall I am eagerly anticipating the desolation of the unreal amount of mosquitos living in our midst. No doubt, this coming seasonal extermination will probably be my favorite thing about this October, other than the beautiful leaves and crisp autumn air. Beauty and destruction; a rigid dichotomy.

Things aren’t always black and white, are they? When we are kids we tend to see things and people as either right or wrong, good or bad. As we grow, we notice the subtle differences in varying situations and slowly start to evolve in our judgement of the world around us. What is ‘right’ for one person may not for another. What is a good decision in one struggle may not be the best choice in another. The yin and yang are not always clear cut, and neither are people.

As the seasons begin to really change now, I invite you to take a look around at the people living beside you within our little towns. That crabby neighbor you avoid, may have just lost his wife. The anxious mom at the school parent night may be barely keeping it all together between working 2 jobs and a pending divorce. The cashier who did not say “Thank you” at the gas station may have just received bad health news. The kid having a meltdown inside the grocery store may have autism, and is not just being a brat.

Your judgment of others may be valid or it may be slightly skewed. I challenge you this month to talk to someone new, or who you have not before. LIfe is meant to be shared with others, and we need each other to get through it. Reach out and make connections with others, so that you do not have to withstand the constant changes and grey areas of life alone…or the mosquitos. You may be the only bright spot in someone else’s buggy day. Who knows? Maybe you will make a new friend who will share their bug spray.


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