…And We’re Back!

Hello Party People! We are back after a brief hiatus… Well, I honestly went down in flames for a few weeks there. I had a nasty sinus infection that turned into antibiotics, which happened to spur a really bad week long tummy reaction probably coupled with a viral issue, which ultimately sent me to the ER last night for severe pain and a newly diagnosed hernia. GOOD TIMES! Don’t be jealous; I didn’t even lose any weight! Pshh. 

Now that I am starting to feel somewhat human again, I realize all of the things I have let go over the past few weeks… are still right there waiting for me. The holidays are right around the corner, and I can feel the stress and excitement all wrapped up for me like a nice little gift. Tons of kids activities coming up, tons of obligations and parties. I am grateful I got the sickies out of the way before all of that. Being so unproductive over the past few weeks made me realize that normally, I just do not take very good care of myself. I’m sure most of you don’t either.

For example, I don’t normally get 9-10 hours of sleep each night. More like 5 or 6. That cumulative deficit can really take a toll on health and well-being. The trade-off is usually less productivity in my life, so I generally don’t think so much about it. My husband gets even less sleep than I usually do. I feel like we need to make this more of a priority. There was something wonderful about getting the kids on the bus and laying back down. I’m not saying every day, but definitely naps could be more beneficial than paying bills on some mornings.

Another thing I realized as I feebly tried to get down a piece of bland toast and baby sips of water (often unsuccessfully), was how much crap food I consume each day. No peanut butter wafers, no ice cream, no Diet Coke, no cheeseburgers. It sure is possible to get through the day without those garbage food staples that I quite enjoy. Again, let’s not go crazy. Moderation, people, not desecration. I do love me some bad (good) food.

Finally, I realized how very grateful I am for a spouse who helped grasp the loose ends together while I slept and slurped soup. He let me cry and held my hand. I was made acutely aware of how hard this parenting gig would be if I were to be solo and sick. I don’t know how people raise kids without a village. I know I couldn’t do it alone. This experience made me ever more grateful.

I sincerely hope you readers have been enjoying the change in seasons and staying healthy. Out here we have had tons of snow (almost a foot in Marengo last week!) and are getting ready for lots of fun holiday activities. I shall be back with more regularity in the coming weeks, and am excited to share my sarcastic, crazy musings about life with you again. Enjoy the rest of your week! Stay well. 

woman girl white young

I’m so excited to feel nothing! Hooray!  Pexels.com

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