Happy One Year, Coherent with Coffee!

Happy One Year to my site!

I don’t know if you would consider it a birthday, and anniversary, or just a fluke. Either way, a little over a year ago I started this blog with very little idea about how it would really come together or play out. 

I created it on a whim as a way to express the various thoughts, stories, and musings that populate my life.

Perspective on Change   Leave The Light On   Watching the Game

I created it to combat stress.

I created it to challenge myself.

I created it to see what I could do with it, how it would evolve.

How To Start a Blog

I am happy to say that I have ultimately been successful. With the boost of confidence this site provided me, I submitted some pieces to our small town paper and am now published every month in my own little corner.


I have learned much about myself and faced some inconvenient truths. I have shared personal experiences with complete strangers and friends that I would not have in other forums, and it has fostered a common bond.  I have experienced the frustration of balancing time with writers block.

Feel The Fear

I am eager to see where this migrates to in the future. One thing I can say is this. We always put off things until “later”, whenever that is. The truth is “later” may never come. In my career and in writing this blog, I have often felt an imposter. I have heard myself mutter several times over the past year, “I am not a real writer” or “I am not a real runner” or “I am not the manager”. The thing is, I have become all of those things just by deciding to believe that I could, then taking action.  

Guess what? If you write, you are a writer. If you run, no matter how slow, you are a runner. If you take a position you do not have an abundance of experience in, you are indeed the new postiion that you have taken on. Everyone starts as a beginner at one time or another. We all feel at times as if we should not be where we are, or ask questions like, “Who hired me?!” as we nervously laugh. As my favorite Ted Talks speaker and social psychologist Amy Cuddy said in her 2012 TEDGlobal speech “Don’t fake it until you make it; Fake it until you BECOME it.”


Thank you to all who have read my “silly” little blog, inspired and encouraged me, or supported this journey in one way or another. We are all meant to do great things. We all must learn to develop the courage to start. Feel free to check out the many posts over the past year that have contributed to what we have become. Thank you for a wonderful first year. Cheers to many more!

photo of a woman holding an ipad

Fake it until you become it.  Pexels.com

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