Walk It Out… And Pass the Bread Rolls

Exercise. Ugh. Such a love hate relationship we have developed over my life thus far.

When depressed, it is the last thing I want to do. And the thing I most need. It can be so hard to break the cycle of feeling blah by doing something that is not always fun and exhausting in the short-term, even if it produces energizing results in the long term.

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Life Lessons at the Dollar Store

Today while at an extremely busy store I witnessed something while waiting in line and wanted to share the warmth. A petite, older female cashier was checking out an elderly gentleman who was probably in his late 80’s. He had one item, his total was $1.08, and he was meticulously counting out his change (pennies and dimes) with shaking fingers. She was patient and warm, reassuring him and helping him to count.

He apologized several times for the delay, and customers behind us appeared less than amused. The store was packed with last minute Christmas shoppers, and I’m sure we were all eager to get on with our days. Towards the end of the transaction, she thanked the veteran for his service to our country after recognizing his hat. He seemed surprised, but then she went even further above and beyond. She leaned in and quietly asked him, “Have you had a hug recently?” He cocked his head to the side and smiled politely, slightly embarrassed and responded with “No ma’am, I can’t say that I have. It’s been…quite awhile.”

The woman asked, “Would it be ok if I gave you a hug before you leave?” He nodded and I distinctly saw the man’s lower lip quiver slightly. The small woman walked confidently around the counter towards the old man and gave him a big, warm hug – oblivious to the waiting customers. She told him to have a nice rest of his day and he told her to do the same. That man slowly shuffled out of the store with the brightest smile I have seen on someone who wasn’t a child on Christmas morning. It was beautiful, compassionate, and profound in its simplicity.

After we checked out the woman handed me my receipt, providing the same warmth and service she had given the old man before me. I leaned in, “You made that man’s day today, and it made mine to see it. Thank you for your kindness.” She patted my hand, winked, and said, “Oh, thank you honey. You never know who really needs a hug. I try to give one when I feel it is needed. Pay that forward whenever you can, and Merry Christmas.”

And that is how you acquire life lessons from a ray of sunshine at the dollar store. Hope it warms you up during this cold transition from 2018 into 2019.

P.S. In the new year, when YOU have the option to either sit back and observe, do nothing, or engage with those around you… I hope you choose kindness and spread your warmth to others. You will never regret those actions, but will definitely regret not doing more when you had the chance.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

…And We’re Back!

Hello Party People! We are back after a brief hiatus… Well, I honestly went down in flames for a few weeks there. I had a nasty sinus infection that turned into antibiotics, which happened to spur a really bad week long tummy reaction probably coupled with a viral issue, which ultimately sent me to the ER last night for severe pain and a newly diagnosed hernia. GOOD TIMES! Don’t be jealous; I didn’t even lose any weight! Pshh. 

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The Jacket Stays

I am the polar opposite of a hoarder. Clutter gives me anxiety and I rarely have a hard time letting go of things – especially if I have not used them recently. Oh, sure – I will keep items that may come in handy or have a possible use in the near future. However, I just feel better when things have homes they belong in, and my house is not overgrown in trinkets or random useless items. If I love it, I keep it. If not, it gets donated, recycled, or chucked.

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We Keep Calling

My sister flew in from Texas this past weekend to surprise me, and it was a short but glorious visit! My husband was kind enough to spend the majority of his weekend watching our boys so I could go fully indulge in the sister time. We shopped, ate, drank, and even impulsively got matching tattoos. It was especially nice of her because this is the first year that she and her family will not be coming home for Christmas. Our first Christmas in 34 years that we have not celebrated together. We have been pretty fortunate to have shared so many holidays together. But alas, with every visit and every homecoming… my sister and I know what comes next. ‘The Rage’.

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The Sicky Ickies

‘Tis that time of year once again. Time for…. The Sicky Ickies. Every fall my kiddos have fallen prey to the germs of their peers, spread especially well by sneezers who lack arm control, goober pickers, and snack sharers. Sprinkled about a classroom, to the naked eye these little joyful children appear innocent enough. Look a bit closer and you will begin to see a parent’s worst nightmare. You will see… a cesspool of unrelenting germs hell bent on causing tummy trouble, ear infections, pink eye, the flu… you name it, they got it. Now that we’re talking about it, can you excuse me, please? Just gotta wash these hands REAL quick.

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