Happy One Year, Coherent with Coffee!

Happy One Year to my site!

I don’t know if you would consider it a birthday, and anniversary, or just a fluke. Either way, a little over a year ago I started this blog with very little idea about how it would really come together or play out. 

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Happy Anniversary Steve

There is not enough music in the world to convey how I feel about ya, but I will try. These were our original jams with a few that just make me think of us because they are great.  Best choice I ever made was to go out and watch WWF with a sweet, slightly awkward young man that night in 2000. I love you, Bean. Happy 16 years married and over 18 together. We have officially been together for half of my life. Thank you for building your life with me and giving me two sweet boys who are our world. You are my person. Our life has been filled with music. Here’s to many more concerts together babe.

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