Weekly Tunes October

Enjoy the weekly bundle, direct from my playlist.

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Apple Cider Donuts

Someone needs to get these apple cider donuts out of my house, stat! Who the heck thought I would have the willpower to resist their sugary goodness when I purchased this 12 pack from the pumpkin farm?! I see now that I was lying to myself, full at the time off an ice cold beer and fresh, buttery corn on the cob. As I polished off my 4th donut today, I thought ‘Wow, I cannot be contained. Hello, Fall leggings and baggy sweatshirts!”

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Weekly Tunes – Tim

One of the greats. Never gets old, songs still relevant. One of those guys that upon listening to his music I am immediately zapped back into that time in my life associated with the song. Can’t help but get a little sappy with Tim. Saw him with Keith Urban live with my little brother years ago and it was ah-mazing. Enjoy the hot weekend ahead, friends!

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