Not Really There (F*@% You Alzheimer’s)

I see my grandpa, but he is not really there.

I can hold his hand and touch his warm forehead.

I can give him comfort, but he cannot return the favor.

Sometimes he knows me and my children.

Other times, he asks when I will graduate high school.

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Oh, Canada

About a year ago, my grandma received a disturbing phone call. It was my brother, calling her from Canada to report that he had gone for a bachelor party weekend and wound up arrested for possession of drugs. He needed my Grandma’s help and was too embarrassed to tell his girlfriend Kellie, as she would be pissed. He could not tell Mom, or myself for various reasons. Could she help him out? He needed a couple of grand Рimmediately Рto bail him out of jail. Perhaps you can see where this is going.

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