Choose To Lean In

The term “lean in” became a popular business motto back in 2013 when COO of Facebook Sherly Sandberg penned the book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. “Lean in” as a concept encouraged women to adopt strategies to help them succeed and move up in the business world. The phrase took on a broader meaning as time progressed, and now applies to other areas as well, in addition to its original construct.

I recently heard the term “lean in” in a country song, and it got me thinking about the more widespread use of this word today. I am hearing this phrase more often and wanted to pay homage to it, as lately it has appeared frequently in my own vocabulary.

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How To Multi-Task: 5 Steps For Improving This Skill

In my younger days, I had a difficult time multi-tasking. Breaking concentration in order to attend to a more pressing matter caused me to lose focus, and honestly I think we are all better at focusing on one thing with our full attention. However, in today’s society we are called in our jobs, home life, and families to attend frequently to more than one matter at a time. Thus, multi-tasking is a skill that you can and should work to improve. Here are five suggestions to help you improve upon this skill.

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