Think It Over

What sets your soul ablaze? Do you even know? Have you spent purposeful time thinking about it or are you too tired with the daily demands of your life to even ponder such a topic? Is our purpose here on earth to live, pay bills, and die? What are you really good at… does that line up with what interests you? Are you afraid of change? If so, why? What do you really, I mean really, want in this life? What is important to you? Not your friends or family, YOU.

These questions have been floating around in my mind this week as I have been helping my mom recently with exploring the possibility of a new career path. She has been at her current job for 38 years. Thirty-eight years at the same employer. Not long ago, this was a common occurrence. Nowadays, you would be hard pressed to find someone in my generation that has stayed with the same employer (even if promoted or serving in various roles throughout their time there) for more than several years in a row.

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Our Persons

We all have friends and acquaintances. People come and go in our lives, making it more pleasant with just their existence. Some last for seasons, some last for years, some last for lifetimes. And then there are the ones that are just, well… different. For some unexplained reason, they are more than just friends. It is like your souls recognize each other, and they just get you. These people are our best friends, our confidants, our lifelines, our tribe. Time can go by in our busy lives and yet this relationship picks right up where it left off, never changing even as you each inevitably change yourselves. There is comfort, acceptance, and support that often exceeds logical explanation.

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Our Lighthouse

I am married to the absolute best man in the world, and the hands down best father. Often, we find ourselves passing like ships in the night, as I go to bed most nights just before he wakes up. We don’t always have the time, between raising two little boys and working opposite full time schedules, to connect and tell each other how much we care. But this man shows he cares in everything he does. I may not get roses on Valentine’s Day, but he knows I wouldn’t want them. He does so much more than flowers. 

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Leave The Light On

My oldest son was telling me about one of his final days of Kindergarten this week, emphatically describing the thrilling events of his field trip with hand gestures, excited tone, and a very loud voice.

“MOM! We saw a human skeleton! And we played at the giant playground! And we raced around a table and hit the buttons that lit up! And we ate lunch together! And we sang on the school bus and I sat with Liam!” And on it went for about ten full minutes.

At the end of his animated story telling, I looked at my growing child. I mean, really looked at him. Wow, has he really grown up in the past year. He has gone from a nervous, distracted, hyper little dude who could not read or write, to a 4 ft tall almost first grader who tells me about every detail of his day, takes the bus confidently like a pro, and cracks better jokes than I do (almost). I see the shell of the little kid he was melting away into an actual ‘big kid’. It is both wonderfully satisfying and insanely terrifying. All of you parents know this feeling, I’m sure.

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How You Say It

Just a quick PSA today as I have been thinking about the importance of kindness. It’s never what you say, but always how you say it. This is not exciting news, but it has been taking up space in my head this week and I think it is a good reminder for us all (and one of my biggest pet peeves, other than chewing loudly – so gross!).

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Happy Anniversary Steve

There is not enough music in the world to convey how I feel about ya, but I will try. These were our original jams with a few that just make me think of us because they are great.  Best choice I ever made was to go out and watch WWF with a sweet, slightly awkward young man that night in 2000. I love you, Bean. Happy 16 years married and over 18 together. We have officially been together for half of my life. Thank you for building your life with me and giving me two sweet boys who are our world. You are my person. Our life has been filled with music. Here’s to many more concerts together babe.

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An Anonymous Year

It all started innocently enough. It was my Dad’s birthday month last year, and I came across an anonymous gag gift. Send your friend an eggplant with any message on it. Sure to delight, so funny, completely anonymous! I was sold. And I knew just who my intended target would be.

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Ode to Steve

I work swing shift, usually 12pm to 8pm, and I really enjoy it. Never a morning person, I am able to get my six year old on the school bus and spend some quality one-on-one time with my toddler. I also can get in a quick walk or jog on the treadmill, throw a couple of loads of laundry in, and pay some bills before heading to work. Then, I am not too tired to get everyone tucked into bed and have a couple of hours to myself (when that wants to work out – thank you recent child illnesses). It is usually pretty glorious. This is also how I binge watched seven seasons of Game of Thrones in October 2017. WINTER IS COMING!

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