Weekly Tunes October

Enjoy the weekly bundle, direct from my playlist.

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My Summer Patio

Every day this summer I have been spending about 20 or 30 minutes outside on the back patio just before work starts around noon. The two lane highway that our townhouse backs up to is closed for the whole next year, and there is zero traffic out there, other than the occasional turn around or mail truck. It is absolutely serene each morning. Other than the country road, there is a sprawling cornfield, birds, and animals scampering about. I get a small dose of vitamin D as I sit back and relax, listening to some songs on my phone and pretending I am at the beach, minus the sand in my suit.

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Weekly Tunes – Tim

One of the greats. Never gets old, songs still relevant. One of those guys that upon listening to his music I am immediately zapped back into that time in my life associated with the song. Can’t help but get a little sappy with Tim. Saw him with Keith Urban live with my little brother years ago and it was ah-mazing. Enjoy the hot weekend ahead, friends!

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