Think It Over

What sets your soul ablaze? Do you even know? Have you spent purposeful time thinking about it or are you too tired with the daily demands of your life to even ponder such a topic? Is our purpose here on earth to live, pay bills, and die? What are you really good at… does that line up with what interests you? Are you afraid of change? If so, why? What do you really, I mean really, want in this life? What is important to you? Not your friends or family, YOU.

These questions have been floating around in my mind this week as I have been helping my mom recently with exploring the possibility of a new career path. She has been at her current job for 38 years. Thirty-eight years at the same employer. Not long ago, this was a common occurrence. Nowadays, you would be hard pressed to find someone in my generation that has stayed with the same employer (even if promoted or serving in various roles throughout their time there) for more than several years in a row.

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Feel The Fear


I bet most of the millions of bloggers out there in the world felt an almost overwhelming fear when they go live with their first blog post. I sure feel that way now.

Whom among us likes to feel fearful, step out of their comfort zone, dare to chance an utterly embarrassing failure? NOT ME! Oh sure, there are those few daring souls that thrive on the thrill of possibility. Again, they are most definitely not me. Continue reading